Waterside Resort Invesment

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Did you know?

Investment in the bonds will fund the resort with the plan to return it to a high standard. There will be a refurbishment of the lodges and facilities in the area and the construction of a brand new hotel. There will also be a 36 four-bedroom golf lodges built in the area to promote tourism.

  • 7.65% Interest Per Annum

    Investors in the resort’s bonds will receive 7.65% interest per annum which will be paid every 6 months in arrears.

  • 5 Year Fixed Term

    The bonds will be issues for 5 years over a fixed term. These are transferable to other parties as part of the provision of the bond.

  • Security

    Investors will have security over the loan book at the resort and will also benefit from the resort’s plans to acquire the development land in the area. This promotes great investment security. Some security may need to be released to let the sales of lodges at the resort. If this happens, the assets subject to security granted to investors will need to reach the value of 120% of the nominal amounts invested in the corporate bonds.

  • Minimum of £5,000 Investment

    The minimum investment is £5,000, which is subject to the director’s discretion and may vary. Subscriptions may be in multiples of £0.01 with a total investment.

  • Limited Opportunity

    This is a limited opportunity which is available until $4,100,000 has been reached or until the offer has been closed.