Renewable Energy Investment

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Did you know?

This will be the first of several Eco Parks to be developed. The Eco Parks Corporate Bonds, brought to market by Best International, will be used to fast track the speed in which the Eco Parks sites can be brought “on stream”. The site in Anglesey, fuel supply for the bio-mass power station and the construction team are already in place.

  • The Investment

    The Eco Park in Anglesey will be a unique combined food and power business where several core businesses will form a profitable, environmentally friendly and industrial agricultural facility with a large renewable energy power plant at its core.

  • Bio-mass power station

    The bio-mass power station (that will form the core of the Eco Park at Anglesey), has multiple indicative funding offers in place to finance the development through to completion. Multiple facilities, including specialist farming facilities, will be constructed at the Eco Parks site and will be powered by the excess heat produced by the bio-mass power station (that a traditional power station would waste).

  • Entry

    Investors can purchase Eco Parks Corporate Bonds for a limited period on the basis of an Information Memorandum (IM) to be issued on request. A minimum investment of £100,000 is required to participate.

  • Security

    The Bonds will be secured initially against the funds that are invested and once the land at the Anglesey site has been acquired, against the value of the land.

  • Exit

    Investors receive an interest payment equal to 8.52%, paid in one instalment after 15 months.