Leisure Facility Investment

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Did you know?

The operator owns an operating marina which includes a restaurant, shop, boat repair and chandlery, lock gate, and offices. Monies raised by the corporate bonds will further develop the facility, with the plan to create 95 apartments and a range of leisure facilities such as a spa, swimming pool, and a bistro. 25 apartments have already been completed.

  • 7% Interest Rate

    Investors will enjoy this interest rate per annum, paid 6 monthly in arrears. The minimum investment amount is £10,000 and the maximum is £3.9 million.

  • 5 Year Term

    The corporate bonds will be issued for a 5 year term - investors will have the option to redeem early after 4 years. This holds no penalty. However, investors who remain for the full 5 years will benefit further from a loyalty bonus of 3% of the principal amount first invested.

  • Roll-Up Opportunity

    There will be an option on taking an election to roll-up all interest payable on the corporate bonds.

  • Loan Book Security

    Investors will have added security placed over their loan book of the company. There will be extra security over the invested funds (through a fixed charge over a blocked bank account) to the amount of 100% of the funds invested. There's also the security over real estate assets to the value of 100% of the amount invested in corporate bonds.