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Did you know?

The Enviroparks Corporate Bonds represent an opportunity to invest in the infrastructure required, first to produce Refuse Derived Fuel for export to Europe, and then energy from waste in the UK.

  • Security

    The Enviroparks bonds will be secured against the site at Hirwaun, independently valued by Savills for lending purposes at £7m. Greyfriars asset management has agreed in principle to invest £2.5m in a parallel issue with the Enviropark Bonds. Together a total of £5.5m may be raised, giving security cover of 1.27 times.

  • Location

    One of only two sites with energy waste permission in the region; with wastes arising that far exceeds the combined capacities.

  • Entry

    Investors can purchase a corporate bond for a limited period on the basis of an Information Memorandum (IM) issued on request. A minimum investment of £10,000 is required to participate, with a maximum of £4.2 million allowed. Investors receive an interest payment equal to 7.73% p.a, for the first 5 years and have the option to receive this quarterly or to roll-up their income to achieve better overall returns. Investors choosing to hold their bonds for a further 2 years, qualify for the enhanced rate of 9.73% for those years.

  • Exit

    Investors are offered the option to exit the investment and redeem their capital after 5 years. Those placing their investment for the full 7 years will receive an additional 2% interest during each of the final 2 years. Should Enviroparks repay the bond early, investors will be entitled to receive 6 months with additional interest.