diamond investments

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Diamond investment packages are low risk with high yield returns.

Did you know?

Fancy coloured diamonds are extremely rare and are only found at certain locations across the globe. As they are rare, they are extremely valuable, especially as only 1 in every 10,000 diamonds are fancy coloured. Diminishing supplies are increasing demand from the world's business markets, meaning wholesale, auction, and retail prices are rising exponentially.

  • Profitable Diamond Investment from a Reputable Industry Source

    Invest with a renowned diamond company with a strong reputation in the industry. A trustworthy policy ensures genuine wholesale prices in an environment of ethically mined diamonds. The investment is in complete compliance with the United Nations Resolutions – investors profit from rare coloured fancy diamonds through a transparent, ethical trading strategy which can deliver 10%+ in Return per annum.

  • Annual 10%+ Targeted Returns

    A capital appreciation model which is a 3 year+ hold and is an asset backed investment which you own outright. Investors are supported throughout the investment period – it is in our best interest to secure ethically sourced diamonds, at the best prices, to guarantee a secure and profitable investment opportunity.

  • Invest In a Company with a Proven Track Record of Success

    This is an investment with an industry leading diamond company with a long track record of success. The diamonds are always of the utmost quality and are only acquired from industry renowned sources.

  • Security with Industry Recognised Compliance

    All funds are held, and managed, by an independent administrator and trustee. SASS and SIPP compliant investments are available to all investors, along as an EIS as approved by HMRC.

  • Fully Managed Exit Strategy

    Investment quality diamonds are offered and a wholesale pricing policy - this allows for an exit and resale strategy which suits any investor's needs. Should you need to liquidate at any time, Which Investment will manage the exit, or sale, from your strategy.