Enviroparks Construction: Phase 1 Expected to be Operational for Q1 2017

The Enviroparks project has been making strong progress and is expected to be operation in 2017. It was decided to install the final processing equipment in conjunction with the construction element of phase 2 – the gasifier. These sections of the project are so closely linked they can be completed together in order to have phase… Read More

Gatwick Airport Set For Record Breaking Summer Season

Gatwick Airport is set for a record-breaking summer in 2016 as more than 8 million passengers travelling through will pass through its doors in one month. August 2016 is set to be the busiest year in the airport’s history as holidaymakers head for sunny destinations across the globe. Gatwick alone will welcome up to 50%… Read More

London Gatwick Airport: Lucrative Car Park Investment Opportunity

From Monday 29th February investors can purchase coveted long stay airport car parking spaces at one of the UK’s most successful airports – London Gatwick. This opportunity begins phase 3 of the project. there are 1,500 spaces available at a cost of £25,000 each, with investors able to buy up to a maximum of two… Read More

Glasgow Airport Announces One Million Extra Passengers

Glasgow Airport enjoyed its busiest October in some eight years in 2015, after management reported an increase of 836,798 passengers through its doors and airways. This represents an annual increase of 14%, with a total of one million extra passengers using the airport over the last 12 months. Following strong demand for European services, international traffic… Read More

Orthios Eco Parks Enjoys £2bn Chinese Investment

Orthios Eco Parks, as reported in the BBC and Financial Times, has been handed a £2 billion funding acquisition from the Chinese company SinoFortone. This will help transform sites at Anglesey and Port Talbot, which are currently out of use, into eco parks. At Orthios Eco Parks, the 299-megwatt heat and power station will generate… Read More

Enviroparks: Construction Updates

We’re able to supply the latest images directly from the Hirwaun site where the Enviroparks project is currently being developed. The site is on course for completion in March 2016. Construction work has advanced significantly over the last month, with the steelwork now in place and roof cladding complete. In the meantime, the process plant… Read More

Property Investment Surges In 2015 Indicating Strong Future Returns

Many investors will be wondering if property is still a valuable place for their money. It must be noted share investors have generated the best returns over the last three decades. Since the property inflation of 2000 onwards, home owners have narrowed the gap. This has created a big surge in house prices compared to… Read More

Renewable Energy Enjoying Increasing National Support

Recent figures have show a promising trend – an increase in the support for renewable energy resources. This comes at a critical time as in December leading world politicians will gather in Paris to finalise a global agreement to combat climate change. The plan is to cement an ambitious, rule-based agreement which shifts global energy usage… Read More

Manchester Proves A Great Location For Office Space

Manchester is increasingly being considered one of the best cities to live in the UK, if not the world. The city centre, which has undergone widespread redevelopment work over the last 20 years, is facing increasing demand for serviced office space. As reported by property consultancy Knight Frank, serviced office space takes up some 679,000 sq ft… Read More

Passenger Rates At Gatwick Airport Continue To Rise

It has been reported Gatwick Airport’s passenger numbers rising continuously following over 24 months of continuous business growth. Records are being broken by the airport – in July alone 4.3 million, and increase of 6.4%, was reported on the previous year. This equals an additional 260,000 passengers who travelled through London Gatwick in July 2015, signalling Gatwicks… Read More