About Which Investment

We are a leading investment marketing service based in the UK with over 35 years’ experience. Our business model is based on continuous research and strong product knowledge to bring you the best asset-backed investments available. We pride ourselves on customer service, factual information, and strong performing investments which provide continual growth and consistent income payments.

Our Investment Opportunities

We work closely with handpicked companies and choose to promote only high-quality Investment opportunities. This guarantees we have all the information required for our clients, enabling them to make an independent, informed decision on the available products.

We do not charge our clients as we are paid a marketing fee from product providers for introducing your business to them. As a result, 100% of your money is invested, and we are able to provide returns which are greater than on the high street. Our products boast outstanding merits as they offer longevity, continued payment to investors, stability, and security through quality companies and the Investments they provide.

The product providers are registered with Companies House and your money is invested with these providers. The majority of the companies we market have been in business for at least 10 years and have a history of quality business and returns to investors.

We will continue to introduce new products over the coming years, but only if they meet our strict guidelines and place the investors’ interests as the highest priority. Due to our long standing relationships, and the trust we provide and rely on for our clients, we are able to work with companies with absolute confidence in order to deliver the best possible results for investors.

Our Policy

Which Investment does not provide financial advice as your Investment makes you a client of the company you choose to invest with. As a consequence, we do not accept client money as this is paid directly to the product provider.

We cater to varied financial objectives and we promote products which will suit different objectives. We can provide guaranteed income paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually, or for growth without taking income.

We are happy to be of assistance regarding any form of verification of our services, including allowing legal representatives to speak with our product providers.

Why invest with us?

  • Asset Backed Income Producing Investments

    Exclusive investment products with the UK's leading development specialists with transactions exceeding £1 billion since 1999.

  • RIC's Certified

    Current RIC's (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) valuations are issued to all investors guaranteeing the value.

  • No tie in

    At the investor's request, Park First will re-sell their parking space at anytime (subject to a 5% resale fee). Park First will market the parking space at a minimum 25% above the initial purchase price to potential owner-occupiers, business users and other investors.